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If you are a dealer of any brand and want to sell your product through out the world, then we can be your partner. The all legal product allowed to sell and you must be authorized seller of it.

All you have to give us your product details and best wholesale price. We will do marketing for you to get sales. Marketing can be door to door visit, Google advertisement, Facebook advertisement.

The ordered products will be directly delivered by you from respected dealer and we are here only to grow up your business.

We can work together in all possible ways.
Either in fixed rate ([Rs.1000/US$10]/product/year) or commission per sales.
If it’s in fixed rate, the direct phone number will be supplied under each product.
If it’s commission, we will contact dealer and supply the buyer information.

In anyway we work, the price shouldn’t be higher. This is the most important target of us.

In future you can directly communicate and deal with them because the price listed at our site and your store is same but we will count it as our referral.
You trusted us and we trust you.

Contact Us for more details. We will seat together .