Membership Fee

To buy in retail price you don’t need to pay any fees but for wholesale shopping membership fee is required.

Note: Membership is manually verified and only available to people involved in trading business.
Some of the special products are visible only to members. 

Nrs. 2,000/- Monthly | Nrs. 7,000/- 6 Months | Nrs. 10,000/- Yearly

We are only working as a mediator between two business and we don’t take any commissions. 

Refer the terms before you apply.

Terms & Condition for Wholesale Membership
Violation of below rules will terminate your account without any notice and refunds.

  • You cannot share wholesale price shown online to any other in any way. It is only for you.
  •  If anyone (our supplier) complain that you are not good for wholesale access, account will be terminated.
  • Any product price shown as ZERO means, it is not available to buy in wholesale price.
  • Your order details will be deleted permanently after goods are delivered.
  • You will get different VAT bills, if product is purchased from different supplier.