UPG Layouts

UPG layouts are just like a theme specially designed for UPG. 

There are many different layouts available for form, gallery and single page.




Form Layout
Gallery Layout
Preview Layout

Used for submission form



It can be designed with [upg-post] & [upg-form] shortcode. With 'Layout Editor' can design any style of form.


Captcha is available with UPG pro to prevent from spam posting. Options to restrict/allow visitors to use form.


Bulk upload with drag & drop features but currently works only for images. Ajax submission with validation.


Built in layouts

Basic, flat, slide are popular layouts available and continuously compatible with latest version.

Super Powerful

Create any type of gallery from the data submitted by users from frontend. 'Layout Editor' can be used for complex design.


Lots of action and filter hooks are presented for the developer. Use it as you like.

Why us


This layout opens after user clicks on a gallery page. It is a single page in wordpress words.

If lightbox/popup is enabled, preview page is never served. 

No shortcode is required as this page is auto generated.

FAQ for Layout

Most frequent questions and answers

WordPress deletes plugin folder and create new after update.
But UPG stores personal layout files in upload folder and re locate them after update. 

[upg-form] is used to create form dynamically but it cannot be used as layouts. 

You must use html form tag for your own layout in ‘layout editor’

Yes, it is same. It is just a single page which is displayed for the detail information of selected post.   

You can use other plugin shortcode only at preview layout. 
Shortcode can be inserted from UPG advance settings. 

Yes, you can create your own layout and make a zip file.

Which can be imported on other UPG site to have same layouts.

It can be imported at ‘layout editor’.

Click here for tutorial.

Do keep unique layout name.

layout zip file must start with upg_xxx.zip